Word Up Soul EP

by Soulcat E-Phife

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Recorded really chillin' at: Soulcatz Ent. Studio / A-1150 &A-1140 Vienna
"Cheatin'" recorded really chillin' at: Urban Legends Studio / A-1050 Vienna


released December 1, 2011

Lyrics and Songwriting on all tracks: Emily "Soulcat" Colón exept
Lyrics on "cheating" written by Soulcat E-Phife and Farangis Nomadee
Beats produced and arranged by: Philly Z (Paris) and Dee-Ait (Vienna)
"cook it up" & "move on up" and "cheatin" produced and arranged by Daniele "Mez" Zipin (Vienna).
Vocal Arrangement: Emily "Soulcat" Colón

RE-Mastering of physical Good (12" Vinyl) available June 22nd by: STARDELTA Audio Mastering - UK



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Track Name: Soulcat E-Phife - cook it up
You now
You now
You go cook it up

Maintain the word love like you knew what it meant
Look at you and wham I'm
head over heels mister tasty lips
guess your love is a loose peel makin' me slip
You're crowned the boss, kiss CEO
own skills to serve me like a bar-tender
shakin' me up thus you're heatin up the room till arrival of eve
let the cellphone ring once more
The mirror starts filming up picturing emily love
this is sure enough
when the curtain fell, dark red lips you kissed at night
we brought it to an acting, right?
You's a freakin' hot lookin romancer
smell fresh like a breeze or a dancer
but keepin it true
I really got to give in,
same time I got to back it up quick before

The first lick hits my weakest spot: my mind
I ain't got the time to let you in my dreamy realm boo
You better get that apple from the tree back up so we can chill once more
Mister impatience hasn't been much of a gentleman either...
I let the drink set in, view gets a little brighter
then I hear you sayin' you're takin me, havin me, breakin me down right

Highly dazed from the L-Shot, make me laugh first then
make me drop (yeah)
the wall built around us
melting ice froze blood
cookin' up from boil, not from beeing spoiled (say what)
wash your waters deep within my oils so hot
the windows start filming up
the music: turn it up
it's the sound I crave
I wanna rub, so I can get your feelings charged

You now
You now
You go cook it up
Track Name: Soulcat E-Phife feat. Nomadee - cheatin'
Oooh it's you my
I cheated on you
Oooh it's you my
played me out like a fool

See, I got a little Story for you tonite
I say

Cha- Changin' the path and
sippin' on that glass and
remenesce the scene and you know it won't last then
if you do the math though, if you think about it
Is it really worth the struggles and the beef and the rumors?
And the grief see it's makin you believing instead of seeing,
blind not breathing
Love won't measure or weigh your efforts
It's up to you
So can we still be cool
Although I cheated on you

Can we, Can we
Can we still be cool

Oooh it's you my
I've cheated on you
Oooh it's you my
played me out like a fool
Track Name: Soulcat E-Phife - tough shit
Are u gonna care
Are you gonna be there

In the dark dreams comin' up like a mail
And sometimes when you're in it and I think of you, I think of pain
I know you'd rather silcence it out, I can't
Guess I'm just not that cool, harder when the head rules
Maybe sometimes I wasn't even visible to you
Molding me roughly so I can cope with the tough shit
Left me silently, cowardly whinin eyes black and blue
Smearing ink on the wet paper
writin 16's when I cried
Fantasizin' 'bout how the world was if I had to answer the fact that you died
I hated you, but when I saw you sad when dad left I stared at you
Learnin to lose I knew that'd never be the life I wanna lead
Runnin away from all these things
Emotions freezed up, click-clicked up secure
better deeds for my brother
holding it down for one another
the only real man who ever really loved ya

Are u gonna care
Are you gonna be there
Track Name: Soulcat E-Phife - soul ride

Swift movement arises from
a soul that had been frozen stark and calm
See that's insight takin you on a trip to a far lugar with stingin' crisp and a waking roar
I lean into it, I fall into it, yeah
I forget, regret, I start again and I fail
This little turnin' the wheel of a circular flow
heavily matters in the end so I re-cicle
So have you passed thru that gate yet?
I see sleepin' brahmans with big never ending scars on them
Lookin' at my forehead as I take a little glimpse
Get a taste of what infinity means to flesh
Nothing but a juicy, wet, synthetic, lucid dream
simulated my brains keepin' me from redeem
travelled back within a blink of an eye but
even if I tried
I couldn't get my soul to that
starlit place where my intellects rest at
I guess I been too deeply manifested
Thus I saw my flaws, let go and washed away my feet
so I could step into it hovering and bouce to the beat
finally I got back into reality
surrounded by mass individuality
Realized I had to place critique to reflect myself and compose myself as I
consist of sound mind and light and I must fight
I must persist in multiple minds
I'm the truth bringer, the hate taker, the earth shaker, crowd reviver
Spit fire saliva to make myself heard
and that sword once dug deeply into earth I take it
while some of you still fake it
now pass man

Touch me to make your spirit last

bounce to it
lean into it
fall into it

If you can then just do it
do it, do it

soul ride x4